Create more enquiries by using a live chat service on your website

All companies should be looking to increase the number of enquiries they have from their customers. A very effective way of creating more enquiries is through the use of a live chat service on your website, and these are the reasons behind this way of thinking. A live chat service will provide an answer quickly […]

Benefits of using a live chat service on your website

While most companies are aware, and agree, that having a website and online presence is vital, it would be fair to say that many firms still need to be convinced of the merits of adding a live chat service to their website. This is understandable as livre chat is a relatively new phenomenon and most […]

Why Estate Agents should have a live chat service on their website

Most estate agents understand the importance of having an online presence but you need to make sure that you are utilising the online opportunities in the most effective way. There have been a number of recent innovations that help estate agents provide a better standard of service to customers, and live chat is something that […]

Generate more table bookings with a live chat service on your website

All restaurants should be looking for ways to generate more table bookings and there are a number of factors that influence people‚Äôs decision making process when planning a meal or evening out. Your location, your prices, your perceived value for money, the range of dishes, the clientele you aim for, what you serve up, special […]

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