Benefits of using a live chat service on your website

While most companies are aware, and agree, that having a website and online presence is vital, it would be fair to say that many firms still need to be convinced of the merits of adding a live chat service to their website. This is understandable as livre chat is a relatively new phenomenon and most firms want to be absolutely certain of a new feature or service before committing to using it.

There are many benefits of using a live chat service on your website and hopefully these points will convince you of the positive impact it can have on your site.

You can provide a higher standard of customer service

All firms should be looking to provide a high standard of customer service, and what can be more effective than answering customer problems as and when they arise. Being able to provide immediate answers and responses to questions will satisfy customers and leave them feeling as though you have taken care of their issues and requests. A speedy and suitable response goes a long way in convincing clients that you provide a reliable standard of customer service.

You develop relationships and hopefully create customer loyalty

In the modern digital era, developing relationships can be difficult for businesses but the benefits of doing so are worth pursuing. By engaging your audience in conversation and answering questions they may have, you start to develop a relationship with them. If a customer feels that they are being listened to and that you are working hard to help them, they will think of you in a positive manner and this is when a customer starts to show loyalty to your company.

If you help a customer in an effective manner, they will shop with you again and they will recommend you to other people. In this regard, a successful live chat service can generate repeat custom and a lot of new customers to a company, and it is all down to engaging people and developing a relationship.

Your business will find out what issues/problems customers have with you

While no company wants to hear about problems or having customers complaint to them, it is true to say that there will always be things that a company can improve on. This is why it is important that firms have a process in place where people can complain to them and have their opinion heard.

Live chat services offer a transcript of every conversation, and this means businesses get to see what people are saying about them. If there is a product issue, an issue with a website or even an issue with public perception of a company, this will come to light via the live chat service transcripts. This allows firms to resolve these matters, show that people are being listened to and generally provide a much more attractive standard of service.

The information contained in the live transcripts will also help firms develop a better image of their customers and allow them to better understand the people that they are dealing with on a regular basis.

You keep people on your site for longer

A very tangible benefit of having a live chat system on your website is that you keep people on your site for longer. This is important because when people click off from your site, even with the intention of returning later, they often don’t. The longer you keep a user on site, the more likely it will be that they will take action or make a purchase.

Live chat services are seen as innovative so your brand reputation will improve

In a crowded market place, it is vital that your firm differentiates itself from its peers and rivals. There are many ways that this can be achieved but being innovative and offering new experiences and services is a great way to convince people to choose your firm over rival firms. When you offer a live chat service, and your rivals don’t, you will be seen as the innovative firm in the field and your reputation will be boosted.

Live chat services provide insight and analytical information for your company

In addition to transcripts of the live chat service, it is possible to develop analytics of the people who engage your firm and the factors behind this engagement. It may be that certain times are busier or people who engage your site come from certain places or even certain locations on the internet.

Anything that enables your business to understand your audience and work out how they reach your site can be used to achieve greater success in the future.

Live chat services can generate leads and contact addresses for your company

One of the strongest reasons for using live chat services is lead generation. Many companies offer to send a copy of the transcript to people, which require an email address to send it on. This means you are getting a customer’s permission to contact them while providing them with a copy of the conversation that they had with you.

Given that so many marketing experts still state that “the money is in the list”, this should be seen as a very strong benefit of using live chat services. When you can develop your marketing list in a quick and effective manner, your chances of engagement and making sales improve.

Live chat services can be proactive in reaching out to customers

One interesting feature about the live chat service is that it can be set up so it is you that makes the first contact with the customer. Some people will ignore the pop up or request to start chatting but there will be people who were considering chatting but didn’t want to start the process. By asking a question of a website visitor, as simple as “how are you?” or “how can I help you?” you start a conversation.

By being proactive with live chat, you increase the number of people you speak to and this increases how likely you are to be positively impacted on by the benefits of using a live chat system.

You can reduce costs in running your business

When it comes to justifying a new service in a business, the cost of the service will inevitably be a factor. Firms need to have some point of contact where customers can raise complaints or get in touch with your company, and the live chat service is much more affordable compared to the cost of hiring call centre staff.

In this regard, investing in live chat service provides your customers with an outlet to contact in case of a problem and this information can be passed on to relevant people within your firm to progress. This is often the work undertaken by call centre staff or staff who monitor emails but with a live chat service, it is carried out quickly and effectively for a much more affordable cost.

Reduced costs but no compromise on outcome means an improved return

When you reduce your costs in providing a service or meeting needs without compromising on the quality of service, you will find that you get a better return for your money. When firms are looking for the benefits of a service, the value for money and return on investment are hugely important, which is why live chat services are becoming an increasingly popular option for so many companies.

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