Generate more bookings for your Golf Course by a live chat service on your website

Your golf course should be looking for ways to generate more bookings and there are a number of factors that you can consider. The price of a booking, the value for money on offer, the condition of your course, your surroundings and availability of slots and bookings are all big factors in whether people will want to book a round at your golf course. However, there is a lot to be said for providing a high standard of customer service when you want to attract people to book for your golf course.

For many golfers, a high standard of customer service is an essential component of their golfing day out. Playing a round of golf can be expensive, and sometimes it is undertaken as part of business negotiations or to impress/catch up with friends that haven’t been seen in a long time. All of these situations are times when people want the very best standard of service, so your golf course should provide examples of why your course is the obvious choice for golfers looking to book a round of golf.

The quality of your website is important in enticing people to your course and convincing them to make a booking, but you will find that a live chat service on your website will help you generate more bookings. There are many reasons for this outcome, and the fact that adding a live chat service is an affordable action is a big factor for many golf courses to consider.

Visitors to your site have questions, answering them effectively encourages bookings
First of all, it is likely that someone visiting your website with the intention of finding out information prior to making a booking will have questions. You will hopefully be able to answer some of these questions through the content on your site but it is likely that some people will have additional questions.

Using a live chat service ensures you can answer these questions immediately, and this helps to keep people on the site. If a visitor logs off the site, you may have lost them permanently. Therefore, using the live chat service keeps people on your site and this increases the likelihood that they will make a booking to play at your golf course.

Live chat service can be used to collect contact information and generate leads
Even if the guest doesn’t make a booking at this time, the live chat service allows you to take their contact details. This means you have the chance to engage the visitor at a later date. If a booking hasn’t come in from the visitor within a set period of time (say two weeks or a month), you can reach out to them via phone or email and perhaps offer them a deal.

The use of live chat services makes it easier to connect with interest parties and they give you a second chance of earning a booking.

The transcript from live chat services provide insight into what website visitors are looking from your site and your golf course

The conversation in the live chat service can provide you with insight into what website visitors are looking to know about your club and what they expect from a golf course. It may be that potential visitors want information about tee times, about what facilities you offer at the club house, about parking, about travel directions or many other aspects.

Knowing what issues or potential problems a potential member or client has with your golf course allows you to resolve these issues. This means that these clients, and people like them, will be more likely to make a booking in the future.

If rival golf courses don’t offer this live chat service, you will be viewed in a positive light
It is important that golf courses and clubs remember that they have rivals and competitors. It is important to provide a better standard of service than your peers, and fi your rivals aren’t offering a live chart service, but you do, you’ll be seen as an innovative golf club that cares about the standard of customer service you offer.
When a client has a decision to make between golf courses, this is the sort of thing that may sway their decision, which could lead to more bookings for your golf course.

If rival golf courses do offer this service, and you don’t, you’ll be viewed in a negative light
Conversely, if you currently don’t provide this service but other golf courses do, golfers may think that these courses provide a better service than you. This is to be avoided, because if you are seen as lagging behind, it can cost you bookings.

Given the highly competitive nature of the golf course market, it is important that clubs and courses do what they can to entice players, and this includes providing the best standard of customer service. With this in mind, offering a live chat service can provide enough benefits that it will lead to additional bookings for a golf course.

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