Generate more table bookings with a live chat service on your website

All restaurants should be looking for ways to generate more table bookings and there are a number of factors that influence people’s decision making process when planning a meal or evening out. Your location, your prices, your perceived value for money, the range of dishes, the clientele you aim for, what you serve up, special offers, the style of your restaurant, the atmosphere and many other factors all play a big role in generating table bookings. This means that there are many different ways to encourage people to book with you but you’ll find that offering a high standard of customer service is important, regardless of how you approach other factors.

In the present day, it is important for Restaurants to realise that good customer service doesn’t begin when people arrive at the restaurant; it now begins when the potential client is reviewing their restaurant options or is considering making a booking. You need to have a strong social media presence and your website needs to be warm, welcoming, informative and encourage people to make a booking. The design, layout and content of your site will be important in pleasing guests but you’ll find that a great way to generate more table bookings is with the use of a live chat service on your website.

Here are some of the ways that a live chat service can help you to generate more table bookings:

A live chat service can answer customer questions
It is likely that a potential customer will have questions about your restaurant and what you offer. You should aim to answer some of the questions people will ask via the content of your website but the use of a live chat service ensures you can provide direct answers to specific questions.

This leaves customers feel as though they are being catered to sufficiently, it puts their mind at ease and the answers will hopefully provide potential diners with the information that they need. There is a great deal to be said for engaging with your audience and a live chat service provides a higher standard of customer engagement than virtually all other digital forms of communication.

You can promote special deals or offers via a live chat service
Many firms decide to provide special offers or inducements to clients who engage with them in a certain manner. You may not want to provide a free drink or snack to every client who comes to your restaurant but it could be something you offer to customers who take the time to ask a question via your live chat service.

This provides an added incentive for people to book a table at your restaurant.

Live chat services allow you to find out more about your customers
All restaurants and diners can benefit from learning more about their customers’ needs and requests, and the transcripts from the live chat services offer great insight into your audience. It may be that different people have the same questions or concerns about your services, so learning these questions allows you to answer them upfront or prevent issues from arising.

It may also be that you’ll find that certain people are more likely to engage with you, and finding out who your likely clients are or who you interact with online can help you to tailor your marketing in the future.

You can generate leads through a live chat service
One of the most important things for any company is to generate leads. The live chart service provides you with a quick and simple way to collect email addresses or a contact name and number for a client. This means that even if you don’t elicit a booking from the client at the point of the live chat, you have a chance to engage with them at a later date.

Whether you provide someone with an incentive at a later date or you just re-engage with them at a later date, you may find that you can persuade people to book with you in the future. Re-targeting is an essential component of modern business, and this is a form of digital communication and engagement that allows companies to generate bookings now and in the future.

Some people prefer not to phone a restaurant to make a booking
There are people who would prefer not to speak in person and who feel more confident conversing online via their keyboard. This is something that a live chat service embraces, and it can help customers feel more confident about the services you offer. This may make all the difference in convincing someone to book a table at your restaurant compared to another restaurant.

Anything you can do which improves the standard of customer service you offer has to be seen as a positive thing for all diners or restaurants. There is also the fact that if you are the only restaurant in your area or niche providing this service, you will be seen as an innovative company that provides a high standard of service.

If you take bookings at your restaurant, you should take steps to generate as many bookings as you can. Using a live chat service on your website allows you to engage your audience in an effective manner, creating a platform that encourages bookings now or in the near future.

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