How does a live chat increase and generate genuine leads to your business

All businesses should be looking to generate genuine leads and increase sales, and there are a number of tactics and strategies that help a firm achieve these aims. There is a great deal to be said for developing your online presence and while social media is important, it may be that your website is the place to focus on in order to grow your business.

Adding a live chat service to your website helps you to deliver a better standard of service to your audience and this could make all the difference when it comes to converting guests into customers. Some of the key benefits of live chat services include:

  • Lowering the bounce rate from your website
  • Improving the standard of customer service provided to your customers
  • Increasing the number of leads you generate
  • Improving the likelihood of upsells and selling deals/offers
  • Being seen as an innovative company
  • Getting a better return on your promotional investment
  • Developing a good relationship with your audience
  • Enhancing your brand
  • Finding out more about your audience and what they want from you

When it comes to generating genuine leads, there are a number of ways your business can utilise the potential of live chat services.

You can ask for email or contact details

A good option with live chat services is to obtain the email address or contact details for the client, saying you will follow up on their request or issue. In this regard, the visitor is usually more than happy to provide you with their contact details, and this means you have contact details that you can add to your list.

Given that the person has already shown an interest in your website and what you have to offer, this is a potential customer, so having their contact details is of benefit, and would definitely be classed as a genuine lead for your business.

Live chat keeps people on your site

One of the biggest issues for company website sis keeping people on site. When people log off the site, even with an intention to return, they often don’t and this means you lose out on future sales. The longer you can keep a person on site, the more likely it will be that you can make sales or get them to take action.

The live chat service, which allows users to ask questions and immediately follow up their interest in your site is an ideal way to keep people on your site for longer.

Live chat services allow you to provide deals or offers

A lot of companies like to provide deals or offers to people who have shown an interest in their products/services but who haven’t followed through with a purchase yet. Re-targeting is becoming an increasingly common way for businesses to promote themselves and many companies utilise their email list in this manner.

However, with a live chat service, you have people who have shown an interest in your business but who are still to make a decision. It may be that offering free shipping, providing a discount or offering a free product may make all the difference in convincing a website visitor to become a customer.

You can provide a personal touch

Showcasing the personal side of your business is often important in developing a relationship or convincing people to buy from you. Providing an employee’s name, some background on what they do and even showing a picture of an employee helps to personalise the service provided to the visitor, and these are all factors that have an impact on whether someone intends to buy from a firm or not.

Live chat transcripts offer insight into what people want

The questions that people ask in live chat and what they want from a firm is important information. If there are patterns appearing in what people are looking for, a business should use this as their basis for reaching out to their audience. A good live chat service provider offers a transcript of the entire conversation, as well as data and insight, and this information can help a company to offer a better standard of service and products to their audience.

Generating leads should be important for businesses and the use of a live chat service can have a big impact for a company.

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